Investment Views
30 Jul, 2020

Topical questions & current themes

TB Wise Multi-Asset Growth fund has a fully flexible mandate, without the constraints of an arbitrary benchmark asset allocation. We narrow down our broad investable universe by choosing excellent managers...

By John
Investment Views
16 Jul, 2020

Coronavirus - the things the media forgot to tell you

In our latest review of Covid 19, Tony Yarrow looks at the facts and data the mainstream media aren't reporting.

By Tony
03 Jul, 2020

Investment opportunities in Asia, gold and infrastructure

Vincent Ropers, co-manager of TB Wise Multi-Asset Growth fund, speaks with Chris Salih of Fund Calibre on why he thought March was was not the time to make ‘heroic changes’...

By Vincent
Investment Views
25 Jun, 2020

TB Wise Multi-Asset Income – Dividend Forecast June 2020 Update

Since our last update to shareholders on the 21st April there has been a healthy recovery in equity markets as the progression of the virus has become more manageable and...

By Philip
10 Jun, 2020

Has Value Investing Stopped Working?

In part 1 of our latest blog, Tony Yarrow looks into the value style we adopt at Wise Funds and in particular if this style of investment management can still...

By Tony
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