Wise Funds is an employee-owned investment management business specialising in Multi-Asset with an excellent long-term track record. We launched our first investment fund, TB Wise Multi-Asset Growth, in April 2004. We then followed this up with the launch of the TB Wise Multi-Asset Income in October 2005.

We’re a small, friendly, dedicated team determined to do the best for our private and institutional investors every day.

With our flexible remit, we research a wide range of assets and invest in the most attractive ones. It follows that our funds are the natural home for our own money, and we invest substantially in the Wise Funds ourselves. We make the same returns as other investors, share the same risks, and pay the same charges experiencing the same journey as our clients. As employee-owners of a small business focused exclusively on managing our two funds, our interests are also perfectly aligned with our investors.

We think and care deeply about what we do and believe in the business model we’re building. We take our responsibilities for our clients’ wealth very seriously. We are constantly looking for opportunities to generate attractive long-term returns without taking undue risks. Communication is very important to us. Our aim is for all our communications to be readable - clear, honest and relevant. We understand that different investors require different forms of communication, and hope that our website contains enough information to satisfy everyone. The contents are continually updated

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