05 Nov, 2021

**Scam alert Aldi Bonds - Wise Funds / Wise Bonds (Clone of FCA authorised firm)

Unfortunately, we have been made aware of a sophisticated scam that clones Wise Funds, using our name and logo as part of an act of fraud to sell investment bonds...

By John
19 Oct, 2021

Funds and trusts four professionals are buying and selling: Q4 2021

Wise Funds are included in the panel of experts working alongside Interactive Investor and in the article below, the four companies explain how they have been adding spice and diversification...

By John
05 Oct, 2021

Six multi-asset strategies to ride out post-pandemic volatility

In a recent interview with Fund Calibre, Vincent Ropers gave an update on his post-pandemic views and what we have been doing within TB Wise Multi-Asset Growth to ride out...

By Vincent
Investment Views
22 Sep, 2021

Wise Funds, Interim Investment Reviews

For our funds interim investment reports, our fund managers write a review covering the last 6 months. This covers the period from the 1st March to the 31st August, 2021...

By JohnNewton
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