TB Wise Multi-Asset Growth aims to provide long term capital growth ahead of the Cboe UK All Companies index and inflation. Our unwavering focus on value leads us to avoid fashionable and consensual markets and sectors. The fund holds a blend of open-ended and closed-ended funds.

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Reasons to invest in TB Wise Multi-Asset Growth

  • Fund attributes

    1. TB Wise Multi-Asset Growth aims to provide growth over the medium to long term in excess of the BATS UK All Companies Index and in line with, or better than, the rate of inflation (based on the Consumer Prices Index (CPI) or such other preferred measure used by the Bank of England to track inflation).

    2. The fund management team have an average of 20 years experience managing a Multi-Asset discipline with a proven track record of outperforming the sector. 

    3. The fund sits in the IA Flexible sector, which offers us unrestricted access to the full range of asset classes, sectors and geographies, and with no upper limit to the amount of
    cash we can hold when it seems prudent to do so.

    4. TB Wise Multi-Asset Growth holds a diversified portfolio of collective investments, including unit trusts, OEICs, and investment trusts. Through these funds we can hold shares, fixed interest, commercial property and alternatives in any combination, anywhere in the world.

    5. We look for value at all times and in all markets. This approach leads us away from fashionable and consensual markets and sectors, which makes our fund less correlated
    with our peers.

Portfolio Manager

Tony Yarrow

Tony specialises in managing investment portfolios and runs our TB Wise Multi-Asset Growth and TB Wise Multi-Asset Income funds.  Tony’s process begins with economic, market, fund and company analysis. Fund management for him is the process of putting ideas into action.

Tony has amassed a wealth of experience and qualifications, including an MA in History from Cambridge University and the Investment Management Certificate, as well as numerous financial advice qualifications.

Outside work, Tony enjoys walking, gardening, beekeeping, being part of a large family, and supporting charitable causes in the local community. 

Co-Portfolio Manager

Vincent Ropers

Vincent joined the Wise Funds team in April 2017 as a fund manager, bringing eleven years of portfolio management experience.

In his previous role, Vincent was at Standard Life Investments where he managed a Tactical Asset Allocation mandate as part of the Multi Asset Investing team. He joined Standard Life Investments from Ignis Asset Management where he started as a fund manager in the Multi-Manager team before joining the Asset Allocation team at its creation. Vincent began his career at Goldman Sachs as an analyst in the European Portfolio Strategy team conducting research on equity and bond markets and then moved to Fidelity International as a fund analyst in the Multi-Manager team.

Vincent has got a Diplôme Grande Ecole (MSc in Management equivalent) from ESCP Europe in Paris. He also holds the Investment Management Certificate. 

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