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21 Jan, 2022

Why the infrastructure story is as strong as ever

Faced with greater uncertainty in 2022, is it time to consider bolstering exposure to infrastructure assets – known for their yield, diversification and inflation-resistant properties?

By John
10 Jan, 2022

Which asset class would you invest in next year?

Over the festive period, Vincent spoke with FundCalibre who have given the TB Wise Multi-Asset Growth Fund an Elite Rating, was asked for comments on which asset class we are...

By John
31 Dec, 2021

**Scam alert Aldi Bonds - Wise Funds / Wise Bonds (Clone of FCA authorised firm)

Unfortunately, we have been made aware of a sophisticated scam that clones Wise Funds, using our name and logo as part of an act of fraud to sell investment bonds...

By John
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